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The Digitalis Press writes on the science, technologies, and policies that underpin our work across public-private partnerships, public interest technologies, and catalytic capital.

We believe that accurately identifying and articulating the most pressing problems in health and healthcare is the first and most fundamental step in building frontier-advancing, scalable solutions. A meaningful understanding of such needs requires a broad view, one that embraces how questions of science and technology are tied inextricably to economic, policy, and social circumstances and histories.

Digitalis Commons is committed to catalyzing health. As an area of particular interest, we have been evaluating the impact that funders - and the parameters that guide their funding - have on the outputs from research and development programs.

Notes on Catalyzing Health

In addressing important unresolved problems in health and health care, Digitalis Commons is engaged in a form of innovative action involving the translation of findings in basic research and discovery into applied practice…

Notes on Catalyzing Health

Digitalis Commons, the non-profit affiliate of Digitalis Ventures, has entered into a Partnership Intermediary Agreement to provide commercialization services to the Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health’s (ARPA-H) Project Accelerator Transition Office (PATIO). This first-of-its-kind agreement aims to speed up and smooth the process of getting breakthrough innovations in health to the American public.