Digitalis Commons Secures First Commercialization Agreement For ARPA-H’s Project Accelerator

Digitalis Commons

Digitalis Commons

July 25, 2023

Digitalis Commons, the non-profit affiliate of Digitalis Ventures, has entered into a Partnership Intermediary Agreement to provide commercialization services to the Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health’s (ARPA-H) Project Accelerator Transition Office (PATIO). This first-of-its-kind agreement aims to speed up and smooth the process of getting breakthrough innovations in health to the American public.

Equipped with $2.5 billion in federal dollars, ARPA-H is funding the research and development of new ways to tackle the hardest problems in health, including cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease. PATIO exists to ensure that the biomedical and technological breakthroughs supported by ARPA-H translate into solutions and products that reach patients rapidly and equitably.

“This collaboration presents an unprecedented opportunity to bring solutions to human health to market faster to improve people’s lives,” said Geoffrey W. Smith, founder of Digitalis Commons. “Together with PATIO, we are committed to harnessing our experience commercializing breakthrough innovations to transform patient care across the country.”

Digitalis Commons’ selection signals the non-profit’s expertise in navigating through the regulatory, intellectual property, and market hurdles that can slow the delivery of innovative solutions to patients who need them. Throughout the collaboration, the Commons will harness its extensive network in the field of human health, technological proficiency, and market insights to expedite the transition of groundbreaking discoveries from the lab to the real world.

“One important goal that PATIO has set and that Digitalis Commons wholly believes in,” said Smith, “is to reduce market friction at common failure points that too often get in the way of huge leaps in healthcare innovations.”

For each ARPA-H program, Digitalis Commons will build a team with the technical, translational, and business acumen to implement a successful and speedy go-to-market strategy. Candidates with relevant technical and market experience and a genuine commitment to having an outsized, positive impact on public health are encouraged to send a resume and cover letter to

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Digitalis Commons is a non-profit, public interest technology-focused platform affiliated with the venture investment firm Digitalis Ventures. The Commons builds open, frontier-advancing, and scalable technology solutions that have an outsized impact on important problems in health and healthcare.

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