Stuart Kozlick


Stuart Kozlick is a seasoned professional with subject matter expertise in medical device development, innovation, research, and commercialization. His background as an engineer and entrepreneur specializing in medical technologies, devices, and healthcare systems positions him as a go-to leader for strategic initiatives that involve the integration and development of complex medical device systems within clinical settings. Stuart’s experiences include commercial and technical leadership roles at MedTech organizations such as Kinova, Puzzle Medical, miR Scientific, and Miraki Innovation.

Stuart’s passion lies in early-stage ventures, where his expertise is instrumental in conducting comprehensive market analysis, needs assessments, and defining both products and business models. Stuart actively engages with industry developers, innovators, government bodies, healthcare institutions, and academic and research institutions, fostering collaborations that drive innovation and progress within the medical landscape. Stuart received a Bachelor of Engineering and a Masters of Science in Engineering in Mechanical Engineering from Concordia University, and a Graduate Certificate in Engineering from MIT.